I am unable to take NEW clients until July 2021. Please feel free to reach out then.

Is it possible to not only “get through” the tough times in life, but grow from them?
Yes. Post Traumatic Growth is real.

Can’t we just skip over the hard part
and get to the good stuff in life?
Not really. We see evidence all around us of the discomfort that’s a normal part of growth.

Couldn’t we simply hide out from life’s tough times,
and keep growing anyway?
Not for very long. Eventually, growth will find us and nudge (or push) us along our path.

                        Then… why bother?

That’s part of why people in the mental health field (therapists, counselors, and others who have chosen helping professions) do what we do: We believe there are good reasons you should bother with the process of life growth. In some cases, our belief is based on personal experience as well as professional training.

As a collaborative, trauma-informed, solution-focused, strengths-based therapist, my job is to:

  • help you find your own reasons for sticking around and your own fuel to keep growing
  • provide a space and time in your calendar where you can feel truly heard and emotionally supported
  • be a sounding board for your grievances, your explorations and wonderings, and your celebrations
  • turn your attention to those times and ways in which growth is nudging (or pushing) you along your path


I offer





My perspective: You are the expert in your own life.

I’ll be honored to hear your story.

And if you wish, we’ll work together to rewrite the epic tale of You.


How much is your emotional wellness worth?

I am committed to providing you with

  • The highest quality talk therapy available today.
  • Comfortable space & time for you to process your challenges and celebrations, with complete confidentiality and compassion.
  • Trained & experienced perspective to help you generate ideas and create your path to contentment.


My base fees:

Individual (one person) session:
60-90 minute Initial session, $125
50 minute Follow-up session, $110

Relationship (couples, partners, friends, family together) session:
60-90 minute Initial session, $140
50 minute Follow-up session, $125


Committed to changing the way mental wellness services are made accessible to all people:

  • Joined with other local counseling professionals who believe in making licensed therapy more accessible -- the Affordable Counseling Collaborative Associates (ACCA), providing services in an area that stretches from Galveston County to Clear Lake to West University/Bellaire to Montgomery County. If my fees are not affordable for you, let's talk about ACCA's sliding scale fees.